• Driving Near Recently Sprayed Fields Exposes People to Pesticides
  • Learn to Manage Pests Naturally
  • Weeds Can Be Managed Without Chemical Pesticides
  • Learn To Manage Weeds Without Chemical Pesticides
  • Learn About Pesticides in Foods
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  • LIving Near Fields Increases Pesticide Exposure
  • Grow a Lush Garden Organically
  • Learn About Colony Collapse Disorder and How to Protect Bees


Many resources on this topic are included in SNAP's program page under Organic Land Care Training for Municipal Officials...and Organic Gardening Class/ Tips...

Restoring Lawns without Chemicals (Journal of Pesticide Reform/ Fall 2000 • Vol. 20, NO. 3)

Organic Fertilizer Fact Sheet (NOFA Organic Land Care). Specific to granular applications. 

Introduction to Organic Lawns and Yards (NOFA Organic Land Care), individuals can learn how to start making a difference in their own yards, lawns and gardens. Pdf version is available online and booklet is also available in store. 

Safelawns.org is a site launched by Paul Tukey who also wrote The Organic Lawn Care Manual, an excellent reference about organic lawn care from seeding to all aspects of maintenance. It is available in Saskatchewan book stores. An excellent DVD on the same topic and othr resources are available through the web site.

Organic Land Management Practical Tools and Techniques video (2014 Beyond Pesticide Forum, 16 May 1014) Colleen Lockovitch, program manager, Oregon Tilth Accredited Land Care (Covallis, OR) ( first 1/3),  Mulysa Melco, landscape designer and horticulturist, (Resilience Design, Portland) discussing neighgourhood efforts to go pesticide-free (middle 1/3) and Chip Osborne, founder and president, Osborne Organics, Marblehead MA discussing organic lawn care in the last 1/3

Society for Organic Landscape (SOUL) (British Columbia) Lots of on-line classes. e-publications on Organic Land Care, Pesticides, GMOs, Xenobiotics, Sudden Oak Death, newsletters and facebook page. Go to sitemap for more links.

Great Book for weed Identification and control

Rodale’s Successful Organic Gardening Controlling Weeds, Rodale Press, 1995First part deals in general approaches for controlling weeds in different siturations. It is followed by a very well illustrated index of weeds, their preferences and preferred control. I found every weed I encountered in SK illustrated.     Several SK libraries carry the book.

Alternative Landscaping

Rama,. Laureen. Eco-Yards  Simple Steps to earth-friendly landscapes.2009. Beauty Way Creations. Laureen is a landscapers who successfully uses mostly low maintenance native plants.