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Mosquito control - WNV- Zika

Edmonton's Mosquito Control 2016  This map is based on City of Edmonton logs of the chemicals applied specifically to control mosquitoes in 2016. Click on each data point for details. Each point represents the center of a 1-mile square corresponding to a grid point from city data. The actual application(s) could be anywhere within the surrounding one mile square - this could be up to 1.2 kilometers on a diagonal line. The City does not track applications more precisely than to identify the grid ID. The comments indicate whether the application was Ground or Air. Additional comments are verbatim from City data. The data is presented in layers based on the product used. You can select or de-select layers as you wish to tailor your view. SNAPComment: I believe Edmonton is the last Canadian city to still use the organophosphate chlorpyrifos for mosquito control.Chlorpyrifos has been banned for consumer use because of its toxicity.  more on chlorpyrifos 

Zika virus-facts and management Facts about the biology of Zika virus and its carrier, the aedes mosquito.Best mosquito repellent is picaridine. Widespread spraying does not work for control but there seems to be good potential in the release of sterile GMO male mosquitoes.Interesting fact: don't use mosquito repellent and sunscreen at the same time.they interfere with each other. 

Mosquito Management and Insect-Borne Diseases (Beyond Pesticides) (added 26 August 2016)

West Nile Virus prevention in Saskatchewan The SK government program for financial help to municipalities to control West NIle virus was cancelled in 2011.

Comparing SK Municipalities Larviciding with those who don' 2003 download pdf

Comparing US Cities who spray for West Nile Virus Control with those who don'

West Nile Virus Awareness and Prevention - Saskatchewan Health site While SNAP does not recommend DEET, there is a lot of good advice on this site.

West Nile Virus and Camping  This summer protect yourself and loved ones by following these helpful hints.

West Nile Virus and Outdoor Event Planning  promotes prevention and states that you are not allowed to for or spray your event site, but must hire a licensed applicator. Notice that areas of public events may be sprayed prior to events.

West Nile Virus and Your Property

West Nile Virus and Tires The role of tires in providing mosquito larval development sites.

Ecologically Sound Mosquito Management in Wetlands, Xerces Society. 2013. An overview of mosquito control practices, the risks, benefits, and nontarget impacts, and recommendations on effective practices that control mosquitoes, reduce pesticide use, and conserve wetlands. 

Alternatives for mosquito control (backyard control under NCAP fact sheet, and additional info)