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Adverse Effects Reporting to the PMRA

The Canadian requirement for reporting Adverse Effects only dates from the new Pest Control Products Act (Canada) in 2006.

Report any incident related to a pesticide, whether it involves adverse effects on a human, an animal, or the environment, to the manufacturer using the contact information available on the pesticide label. Only manufacturers are required by law to report to Health Canada any incident information they receive related to their products, excluding complaints about the effectiveness of products. There is no mandatory reporting of negative health effects by health practitioners, who are the most likely to encounter them.

You may also report an incident directly to Health Canada by using the appropriate Pesticide Incident Reporting Form for the Public.  Scroll to the bottom of this PMRA page to find the direct links to the following:

  • Human Health Incident - Pesticide Incident Reporting Form for the Public
  • Domestic Animal Incident - Pesticide Incident Reporting Form for the Public
  • Environmental Incident - Pesticide Incident Reporting Form for the Public
  • Packaging Failure Incident - Pesticide Incident Reporting Form for the Public

All pesticide incident reports submitted to the PMRA are made available to the public on their website through their Public Registry. Personal information is removed from a report before it is posted. http://pr-rp.hc-sc.gc.ca/pi-ip/ir-di-eng.php

SNAP is interested in documenting pesticide exposure and/or negative health effects stories to eventually write a report. (names of individuals would not be released)

Please send a copy of your Adverse Effect Report to SNAP, (click here and see Beyond Pesticides Pesticide Incident Report form (US) for additional information and longer-term heatlh effedts to report.

How to Report Pesticide Adverse Effects & Get Access to Reported Adverse Effects Information (Pesticides and You, vol 19, no 2. 1999. Beyond Pesticides. US) 

California Pesticide Regulators Release Free App to Report Pesticide Incidents  (Beyond Pesticides, August 14, 2019)    'The app, CASPIR (California’s System for Pesticide Incident Reporting), is available for download on the Google Play or Apple iTunes app store and should work with most smart phone devices...CDPR has been increasingly criticized by environmental justice organizations for its response to pesticide incidents, particularly in at-risk and low-income communities, and this app appears to be a response by the agency to address these concerns. The app is bilingual, provides the ability for users to add photos and videos, and records the GPS location of the user.'