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Body Burdens

also see glyphosate

Study Shows Organic Food Diet Reduces Residues of Glyphosate in Body   (Beyond Pesticides, August 13, 2020) 'Levels of the notorious herbicide compound glyphosate in the human body are reduced by 70% through a one-week switch to an organic diet.'

Chemical Levels Found to Be Higher in Children from Low Income Families  (Beyond Pesticides, August 19, 2011) 'The chemicals measured included phthalates, organochlorine pesticides, organophosphate pesticides, metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and volatile organic compounds. ..The children studied had higher concentrations of many of the 75 chemicals tested compared to national surveys of children.'

Environmental Working Group; to the left, click on Health/Toxics, then body burdens / Human testing of pesticides. Scroll to research and click more to find great reports including Body Burdens identifying many dozens of contaminants in people.You can also search for Pesticides and children for more resources.

Body Burden, The Pollution in Newborns, Environmental Working Group (2005)

CDC National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals Fourth report in 2009. Updated 2012 tables. In the 4th report, 75 new chemicals tested for the first time. 75% of US population have the anti-bacterial pesticide triclosan in their urine. Triclosan is shown to alter thyroid function, is linked to bacterial and compounded antibiotic resistance, dioxin contamination and contamination of surface waters and sewage sludge. Synthetic pyrethroids and/or their metabolites were all found in greater than 50% of the subjects tested. Exposure to synthetic pyrethroids has been reported to trigger asthma, lead to headaches There are also serious chronic health concerns.

Pesticides in Our Bodies/ A Toxic Legacy} (October 18th, 2004) Report on the Montreal conference of the same name by Paule Hjertaas. 

Contaminated Without Consent video