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EWG investigation: Dangerous agricultural chemical chlormequat found in popular oat-based products (EWG, 31 January 2023) including Quaker Oats and Cheerios.   Chlormequat was discovered in all but one of 13 non-organic oat-based cereals, granola and other products including 11 products contained chlormequat levels higher than the amount we think is safe for children’s health, and one sample contained exactly that amount. This level – EWG’s health benchmark – is 30 parts per billion, or ppb,  equivalent to a blade of grass on a football field. Chlormequat is approved for agricultural commercial use on ornamental plants only – not  on oats or any other food products grown in the U.S. But imported oats can have chlormequat residue in them, which is how they end up in the food we eat. Also lists health effects. SNAP Comment: 5 chlormequat products are registered in Canada as of 7 April 2023. It is registered for use in greenhouse as well as cereal grains so we may be the source of the oat products contamination. Chlormequat is a plant rowth regulator.