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Forestry - Pesticides in

Not my area of expertise so I am deferring to groups who work on the issue. I have been told that all provinces except Quebec allow herbicides in forestry. It was my understanding that SK did not use herbicides in forestry before or since I wrote:  "Comments on the Weyerhauser Pasquia-Porcupine 2005 Vegetation Management Demonstration Project Proposal". This proposal to use glyphosate in forestry was defeated. It can be found in publications 

Historically, chemical pesticides started being used after World War II. Noboddy worried about toxicity, it was the age of miracles and the future through chemistry. As a result, the fashion becaem to use pesticides everywhere including in forests and natural areas. US forests and pastures were widely sprayed with chemicals including Agent Orange. We know Agent Orange was used on military bases in Canada as well. DDT was also widely used, even in Point Pelee National Park. 

Stop the Spray BC

Stop Spraying New Brunswick

Insect problems

In addition to spraying herbicides, mostly glyphosate,.spruce and fir forests used to be sprayed with chemical insecticide all over when there were spruce budworm infestations. When I was in university in the early 1970s, Bacillus thuringensis (Bt), a disease bacterium that sickens the larvae, was starting to replace the much more toxic carbamate, organochlorine and organophosphate insecticides. I believe Bt is now common practice in Canada. Many urban areas took longer to update their spray programsfor urban forests to Bt for cankerworms and other caterpillars, and insecticidal soap for many other insects.

Pesticides used on Seedlings

Another pesticide issue in forestry, from what tree planters have told me, is that all or most of the seedlings planted are treated with pesticides (which ones still unknown at this point, as no one remembered the labels, just the warnings).