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Railroad Pesticide Use

CN spraying schedule for 2022 for all of Canada. A few 'No spray" but  most are pending right now.

Herbicide Use in the Railroad Industry   (by Andrew L. Hughes, Hughes Law Office, June 16th, 2021) ISA article. Canadian rail companies also regularly spray but I don't know Canadian list of used pesticides. 

CN Rail fined $100K for spraying herbicide on tracks without clearance, damaging vegetation   (CBC News  May 28, 2021) The railway pleaded guilty on Thursday for failing to get proper authorization to spray the herbicide between Terrace and Prince Rupert in August 2017, according to the B.C. Conservation Officer Service. The railway is required to remove invasive plants and noxious weeds along its tracks and throughout its railyards under the B.C. Weed Control Act, but must have an approved Pest Management Plan in place before work begins to ensure pesticides are used responsibly.   Under that plan, CN was required to leave a buffer of five metres between non-selective pesticide applications and bodies of water with fish species.   Selective methods were permitted to be applied within one metre of such waterways.