• Weeds Can Be Managed Without Chemical Pesticides
  • Link to SK Organic Resources
  • Learn to Manage Pests Naturally
  • LIving Near Fields Increases Pesticide Exposure
  • Learn About Pesticides in Foods
  • Learn to Keep Insects Out of your Crops
  • Learn To Manage Weeds Without Chemical Pesticides
  • Learn About Colony Collapse Disorder and How to Protect Bees
  • Grow a Lush Garden Organically
  • Driving Near Recently Sprayed Fields Exposes People to Pesticides


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A. I don't know about all browsers, but if you use google chrome, you have to download a program extension to be able to open most types of documents. 

PDF files may take a bit longer to open, and are usually indicated by a box in the bottom left of the screen. Some people have reported that PDFs will not open for them. I am using currently using Windows 7 and Microsoft 2010 so if you are using an older version of windows or Microsoft, it may not be able to open documents. Sorry.