• SNAP Tour of Organic Vegetable Garden
  • SNAP Display at Event
  • Link to SK Organic Resources
  • Learn To Manage Weeds Without Chemical Pesticides
  • LIving Near Fields Increases Pesticide Exposure
  • Weeds Can Be Managed Without Chemical Pesticides
  • Grow a Lush Garden Organically
  • Learn About Colony Collapse Disorder and How to Protect Bees
  • Driving Near Recently Sprayed Fields Exposes People to Pesticides
  • Learn About Pesticides in Foods


SNAP Affiliates

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Nature Saskatchewan

Nature's Best organic food store

Organic Agriculture Center of Canada  Closed at University of Saskatchewan. 

Regina Eco-Living  No longer exists.

Other Groups working to reduce pesticides in their communities

Craik - Pesticide bylaw presentation  by Boiling Frog. Group no longer exists.


Saskatchewan Organic Agriculture Report by NDP Regional Economic and Co-operative Development Minister Lon Borgerson.

Pesticide free for life website of the Canadian Cancer Society - SK

Saskatchewan Organic Directorate  (SOD) - Organic Agriculture Protection Fund; producer and consumer sections; newsletters

  • SOD’s Food Miles Campaign is working to improve access to Saskatchewan Organic Food
  • Organic Connections Conference and Tradeshow http://www.organicconnections.ca/index.html
  • Dining with the Stars  supplied 13 restaurant chefs in various SK localities with organic ingredientsfrom 17 SK organic producers  to prepare a meal.Celebrities were present at each supper and attendees could meet them whole sharing a wonderfully tasty meal. 
  • SK-AB Organic Producer Directory. Find an organic producer near you. Consumer and wholesale. 
  • SOD list-serve for members  is a great way for SK  organic producers, sector participants, and supporters to communicate! This discussion forum and information sharing tool is open to anyone… you need not be a SOD member to join.
  •  SOD Organic Agriculture Protection Fund. Donate to help protect organic farmers from gmos.

OCIA - Organic Crop Improvement Association 

Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES)

U of S organic website; organic connections conference; organic stats, research

U of S on-line course PLSC 234.3 Weed Control in Organic Agriculture