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Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment  (CAPE) - CAPE has several resources available including an 11 minute movie on the health effects of pesticides and a poster promoting pesticide-free parks.

Canadian Environmental Law Association - Publication 475 "Toxic Substances - Focus on our Children" has an especially good analysis of the faults of the current risk assessment (starting on p. 62)

David Suzuki Foundation - pesticide work. The DSF is the only Canadian group still actively working on the pesticide issues (July 2008). They have written many reports. Scroll down.

Organic Agriculture Center of Canada; serving students, farmers and consumers; great issues (include pesticides, food safety), links; discussion forum and more

Partnership for Pesticide Bylaws   Canadian Partnership for Children's Health & Environment at Children’s Health and Environment

Sierra Club pesticides - some fact sheets, bylaws, history of pesticide regulation in Canada 

World Wildlife Fund Canada (WWF-Canada); search for POPs, pesticides. for instance: No Action on Toxics Treaty Leaves People and Wildlife Exposed

 PMO Pest Control (Rick Mercer Report, CBC - comedy -,February 28, 2012) As good decisions should be based on independent facts and research, the muzzling of Canadian scientists by Harper adn the Canadian government should be a concern to all of us. Here is Rick Mercer's spoof on the issue.


Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides - Quebec - West Nile virus; Quebec Pesticide Code; alternative resources for apple trees, golf courses, list of low impact pesticides. No longer active

Equiterre ecological horticulture. Since 2006, Equiterre has continued the work of the Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides - Quebec (CAP). They have also run an eco- certification program which had to be discontinued in 2011. Most of the informaiton available is in French.

Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides-NL

Coalition for a Healthy Calgary  working for a pesticide bylaw in Calgary.

Coalition for a Healthy Ottawa - info for doctors, updated news, very complete section on pesticide FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), excellent fact sheets and background documents; bylaws 

Pesticide Free Ontario  site currently under revision Jan 2013

Problems Pesticides Manitoba no longer active but good 'what to do'  information.