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Warning: The US has more pesticide products registered than Canada, and some are registered for more uses in the US.The label names of the pesticides may be different. However, the chemical pesticides and alternatives information and the informative quality of the reports produced is mostly outstanding. One just has to ensure that the products or uses described are registered in Canada when interpreting them.

The Essentials

Beyond Pesticides - excellent pesticide and alternatives fact sheets; news, issues, reports, campaigns

Bio-Integral Resource Center (BIRC) A California-based group with 2 publications: the IPM Practitioner for people working in the field of integrated pesticide management (IPM) or Ingegrated Vegetation Management (IVM) with a defined goal of pesticide reduction and using the least toxic approach first; and Common Sense Pest Control Quarterly for the public. Back issues of the publications with topics of interest can be ordered through publications and reprints and finding the topic of interest. BIRC is now on Facebook and Twitter. See links from web site.

Northwest Center for Alternatives to Pesticides - awesome resources: some of the best fact sheets on pesticides and alternatives; many "how to" articles, including "how to research health effects", "how to use Material Safety Data Sheets", etc; " Healthy Homes, Healthy Kids, 
Sustainable Agriculture, Pesticide-free parks

Pesticide Action Network North America - the most complete pesticide data base; unfortunately not much Canadian specific information yet; subscribe to Pan-Ups, an e-news service sending information on resources, major related news and action alerts; much more

Safelawns.org is a site launched by Paul Tukey who also wrote The Organic Lawn Care Manual, an excellent reference about organic lawn care from seeding to all aspects of maintenance. It is available in Saskatchewan book stores. An excellent DVD on the same topic and othr resources are available through the web site.

A Chemical Reaction  is a documentary movie about the origin of the anti-pesticide movement that has swept across Canada and into the U.S.It is an independent production with no marketing budget or studio backing. The film is available for purchase from www.safelawns.org. You can also pass along the link to the web site at www.ChemicalReactionMovie.com.

EXTOXNET is a pesticide information project of the Cooperative Extension Offices of Cornell University, Michigan State University, Oregon State University, and University of California at Davis. It offers a wealth of science-based information written for the non-expert on the toxicology and behavior of more than 100 commonly used pesticides.


National Coalition for Pesticide-Free Lawns  Great info on Organic training for municipalities, action items and great organic resources for lawns, diseases, insects, pesticide informations and tools for activists.

Other useful sites

Toxic-free Schools. Agricultural Resources Center/Pesticide Education Project;

Californians for Pesticide Reform - intro to pesticides; lots of great reports including "Secondhand Pesticides"; community action guides including "Healthy School Campaign"; all is free

Californians for Alternatives to Toxics

Environmental Research Foundation; "Rachel's Environment and Health News" newsletter

Environmental Working Group; go to Health/Toxics. Search for Human testing of pesticides and Pesticides and children; great reports including Body Burdens identifying many dozens of contaminants in people

Rachel Carson Council; publication for veterinarians: "36 Insecticides Used on or around Dogs and Cats"(2010); "Basic Guide to Pesticides and their Effects"; "Rachel Carson Council News"; newsletter; video lending library ( under our page/catalog)

Silent Spring Institute

Tox Town, a Web-based introduction to environmental health risks and toxic chemicals. Toxfarm: Environmental health concerns on the Farm: A Farm neighborhood is the newest addition to neighbourhoods.