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Reduction Strategy

California Releases Strategy for Land Management Practices that Confronts Climate Crisis   (Beyond Pesticides, November 5, 2021)     'Once again earning its environmental leadership reputation, California has released a draft strategy document designed to catalyze near- and long-term climate action through focused attention on the state’s natural and working lands, and on nature-based solutions.     “The draft Strategies do not go far enough in setting ambitious targets that would transition our agricultural systems away from toxic pesticides and towards safer and more climate-friendly alternative agricultural systems like agroecological and organic agriculture.”

'The coalition letter makes these recommendations to CNRA:
Include an ambitious pesticide reduction target to: (1) reduce the use of synthetic pesticides by 50% by 2030, and (2) reduce the use of hazardous pesticides by 75% by 2030 — focusing first on organophosphates, fumigants, paraquat, and neonicotinoids.
Explicitly support organic and agroecological systems as climate resilience and mitigation strategies.