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Pesticide Labels

All pesticides licenced in Canada have a label available on the site of the Pest Management Registration Agency (PMRA) of Health Canada.

Pesticide Label Search

A label will give you the name and concentration of active pesticide ingredient(s), and some general first aid and toxicological information for active ingredients only. Only allergens, list 1 formulants (known toxins) and substances listed as dangerous under other legislation  have to be listed on the label, and there are very few of those. Click here for more information on formulants.

Some labels give an emergency number where medical personnel only could access the full ingredients of the formulation for treatment purposes.

You can search labels by chemical name (e.g. glyphosate, 2,4-D) or by brand name (Roundup, Killex 500), CAS, registration number, or registrant name. The PMRA web site may hard to search if you don't know exactly what you want or need, but you can make a request at their info-line:

Phone: 1-800-267-6315 Within Canada
Phone: 1-613-736-3799 Outside of Canada
(Long distance charges apply)
E-mail: pmra.infoserv@hc-sc.gc.ca
Fax: (613) 736-3798

Unless very specific, many searches also bring up a number of products with the name somewhere in the text that do not contain the product searched for. These may be other pesticides, adjuvants or other additive that can be, or have to be used with the product you are searching for.