• SNAP Display at Event
  • Learn to Keep Insects Out of your Crops
  • Learn To Manage Weeds Without Chemical Pesticides
  • Link to SK Organic Resources
  • Learn About Pesticides in Foods
  • Weeds Can Be Managed Without Chemical Pesticides
  • Learn to Manage Pests Naturally
  • Driving Near Recently Sprayed Fields Exposes People to Pesticides
  • LIving Near Fields Increases Pesticide Exposure
  • Grow a Lush Garden Organically


SNAP Affiliates

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Nature Saskatchewan


Nature's Best organic food store no longer exists

Organic Agriculture Center of Canada  Closed at University of Saskatchewan. 

Regina Eco-Living  No longer exists.

Other Groups working to reduce pesticides in their communities

Craik - Pesticide bylaw presentation  by Boiling Frog. Group no longer exists.


Phil Johnson Organic Gardening, from Regina, also offers organic gardening programs as well as consulting services

Saskatchewan Organic Agriculture Report by NDP Regional Economic and Co-operative Development Minister Lon Borgerson.

Pesticide free for life website of the Canadian Cancer Society - SK

Saskatchewan Organic Directorate  (SOD) - Organic Agriculture Protection Fund; producer and consumer sections; newsletters

  • SOD’s Food Miles Campaign is working to improve access to Saskatchewan Organic Food
  • Organic Connections Conference and Tradeshow http://www.organicconnections.ca/index.html
  • Dining with the Stars  supplied 13 restaurant chefs in various SK localities with organic ingredientsfrom 17 SK organic producers  to prepare a meal.Celebrities were present at each supper and attendees could meet them whole sharing a wonderfully tasty meal. 
  • SK-AB Organic Producer Directory. Find an organic producer near you. Consumer and wholesale. 
  • SOD list-serve for members  is a great way for SK  organic producers, sector participants, and supporters to communicate! This discussion forum and information sharing tool is open to anyone… you need not be a SOD member to join.
  •  SOD Organic Agriculture Protection Fund. Donate to help protect organic farmers from gmos.

OCIA - Organic Crop Improvement Association 

Saskatchewan Environmental Society (SES)

U of S organic website; organic connections conference; organic stats, research

U of S on-line course PLSC 234.3 Weed Control in Organic Agriculture