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Auto-immune diseases including MS and ALS

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There are over 100 described auto-immune diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's Disease, systemic lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis.. Exposure to environmentally and occupationally encountered toxicants can be associated with the development of certain autoimmune diseases and with the induction of antinuclear antibodies (ANA). Several studies have related elevated ANAs to pesticide exposure.

EPA-Registered Herbicide Found to Trigger Inflammation Linked to Onset of Multiple Sclerosis(Beyond Pesticides, February 5, 2019)  'Researchers began their investigation with 976 chemicals identified by EPA’s ToxCast program, an inventory of compounds that have undergone screening for a battery of laboratory tests. Within that inventory, 75 chemicals, including linuron, were found to interfere with the signaling pathways linked to MS...“When we study inflammation and neurodegeneration, we learn that the environment may play just as important of a role as genetics,” Dr. Quintana noted.'  SNAP Comment: This is the first time I come across the term exposome which can be defined as the measure of all the exposures of an individual in a lifetime and how those exposures relate to health. There are currently 7 Linuron products registered in Canada where they can be used on saskatoon, chokecherry, potatoe, grain crops and more.

Association of Environmental Toxins With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Feng-Chiao Su, PhD1 et al;JAMA Neurol., May 09, 2016. doi:10.1001/jamaneurol.2016.0594. Pesticide exposure in the cumulative exposure windows was significantly associated with ALS... Military service was also associated with ALS in 2 time windows...A multivariable model of measured persistent environmental pollutants in the blood, representing cumulative occupational and residential exposure, showed increased odds of ALS for 2 Organochlorine pesticides  (pentachlorobenzene: and cis-chlordane, 2 PCBs (PCB 175 and PCB 202 and 1 BFR (polybrominated diphenyl ether 47. see also Exposure to Pesticides linked to ALS (Beyond Pesticides, May 16, 2016) 

ALS-Chemical Exposure Linked- 3-08
ALS and pesticides 9 articles , from SK studies to genetic-toxin links.

Scientific Studies

Effects of oral administration of malathion on immune function in female S JL/J mice. Johnson V, et al.  Fourth international symposium "rural health and safety in a changing world".October 18-22 1998,  click on Chemicals Exposure, Toxicology and Human Health - presentation O 21. 24 % of exposed mice developed markers of auto-immunity ( AI) Exposure to Malathion 500 EC is associated with expression of ANA, a serologic hallmark of AI. Alterations in T-lymphocyte mediated immune regulation may be a mechanism by which malathion influences the expression of autoimmunity in this model.


Antinuclear antibodies in farmers. Rosenberg AM, Semchuk KM, McDuffie HH, et al.University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada S7N OW8.  Fourth international symposium "rural health and safety in a changing world".October 18-22 1998,  click on Chemicals Exposure, Toxicology and Human Health - presentation O 22. Among farmers ANA positivity is associated with production of certain crops and certain animals and with exposure to specific pesticides. These data indicate that occupational and environmental exposures related to the agricultural industry are associated with the development of ANA, a serologic expression of autoimmunity,


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Deadly Fungal Infection Raises Concerns about Fungicides Used in Agriculture  (Beyond Pesticides, April 25, 2019)  Candida aurisis an emerging fungal pathogen that threatens those with compromised or immature immune systems, such as infants, the elderly, people taking steroids for autoimmune disorders, diabetics, those undergoing chemotherapy, and even smokers. Nearly half of those who contract a C. auris infection die within 90 days. One of the factors making this fungus so deadly is that it has developed resistance to existing antifungal medicines, with 90% of infections resistant to one drug, and 30% to two or more. As is true for resistant bacteria, culprits in C. auris’s development of resistance may be the overuse of antifungal medications in health care and overreliance on fungicides in agriculture.

Study Finds Individuals Exposed to Triclosan More Likely to Carry Staph Bacteria (Beyond Pesticides, April 21, 2014) Finding has troubling implications for public health. see antibacterial

Exposure to Dioxin During Early Development Impairs Ability to Fight Infection (Beyond Pesticides, March 19, 2009 Posted in Children/Schools, Disease/Health Effects) : baby mice had fewer white blood cells that normally kill the flu virus and more of a different kind that increases lung inflammation.

Low dose malathion, DDT and dioxins suppress immune system. In all pesticide-injected groups, antibody response was dramatically suppressed, DTH reactions were enhanced, and respiratory burst was lower. The immune system of frogs exposed to pathogens prior to pesticide exposure can still respond normally.

Mutiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and Allergies

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MCS and Allergies, look under apprpprite section. Both of these issues are immune problems. 

Multiple Chemical Sensitivites can get bad enough to ruin people's lives as they knew it. Pesticide exposure is a main cause and trigger.